Raul Nieves

Raul Nieves, Co-Owner, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, possesses a contagious energy and a profound ability to invent new and unique strategies to help students understand movement concepts. He has over twenty five years of professional dance experience. He developed the playful Oonka Ah! technique, and is well known in the Boston area for his unique style of dancing and teaching. Raul's formal dance background dates back to the 1980's when he competed as a professional ballroom dancer in American Latin Ballroom and Theater Arts. Raul studied jazz, and ballet in Boston, and creative and modern dance in Seattle, WA.  Raul taught Salsa dance at Temporada Latina, Cambridge MA, for 14 and half years, which was the longest continuous Salsa Night Latin dance venue in Boston.  In addition, Raul teaches Zumba and Pilates at the Boston Sports Club. He teaches social dance with Eileen Herman-Haase at Boston University as a volunteer.

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University of Connecticut (UConn)


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